• Web application

    Do you wish to have web page, that supports your business exactly as you need? Do you need something more than just a WordPress presentation?

    We will create a web according to your need. Thanks to our innovative approach, bespoke web portal is accessible also for small and middle size companies.

  • E-shop

    It’s very simple to start or boost your business with a new e-shop. On the internet is already several e-shop products that are free to download and use.

    We are here to help you find the right one, install it and if needed also customize it to fit even unusual requirements that makes your business unique.

  • Mobile development

    Mobile phones are everywhere and become a phenomenon that can save a lot of work and generate new business opportunity.

    We can help you to get the advantage of mobile application world.

  • Full service

    Do you have a feeling, that your business could be simplified, but do not know how?

    Tell us about your problems and we will help you to find right IT solution. We know how to make a bespoke software development very simple for our customers.

  • Artificial bodyshop

    Looking for internal developer? Do you already have a team of developers but need more to finish your project on time? Does your internal processes require to have the developer present in the room?

    We can give you such a person, who will be picking up the task and delivering them same as your internal developer. The only difference is that the person will not be a developer, but our analyst, who will convert all the requirement into tasks that will be handled through our community portal. How does it work?

  • Name the price

    Do you need a bespoke software, but are you low on budget? Do you want to invest into software, but it must return it’s value in certain period?

    Even these type of projects are possible with us. We will give you tip and tricks how to create the software as cheap as possible. Then we will publish your task to our community portal, where it will stay until some developer will take it. How does it work?

  • Cloud hosting

    Everyone knows the situation. One supplier is complaining that the problem is not on their side but on the side of the other supplier. Are you tired of this? Do you want just one contact point where to call for support?

    For our customer who has software developed by us or their software is maintained by us, we provide hosting as well. Since now, only one phone number, which solves all the problems!

  • Longterm maintenance

    Any software required small adjustments over the time. Thanks to our growing community of proven developers, we can give you support for almost any technology.