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Have you already tried another IT company? Or is it your first experience? Would it be nice to get several quotes to your one request from more than one company or developer?

We are IT company with our own IT community that has more than 80 developers. For every wish we find out real market price. Based on that we can create a quote with three price tags:

  1. The cheapest with indicative delivery date, that might be delayed.
  2. Cheap with guaranteed delivery date, that is never late. How is it possible?
  3. The Fastest with guaranteed delivery date.

Sounds too complicated? Do not worry! Just say your wish and we will make sure that everything goes smooth.

Our approach



Kostelec u Křížků 205
Kamenice 251 68
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 604 107 430
Support: support@wish-platform.com
General: info@wish-platform.com
Reg. number: 062 43 711
VAT number: CZ06243711
Registered in the Commercial Register of the City Court Praha, insert C 278776