The easiest way how to
share IT specialists
Do not expect to find a new employee at our portal. Our faster way is to provide you a contact on IT company that has available such a person and looking for a new customer.
Fast and easy
  • Without montly payment
  • Without complicated contracts and commitments
  • Without cold-call or lengthy searching
Currently available capacity
  • Number of registered companies
  • Number of registered freelancers
  • Currenly offered
    139,9 FTE
  • Currently required
    65,0 FTE
  • Currently the cheapest rate per day
    76,69 EUR
  • Current average rate per day
    257,42 EUR
  • Current the most expensive rate per day
    421,82 EUR
  • Numbers were generated 20:00 30.10.2020. All rates have already incorporated commision fee, expecting user to be registered at Czech Republic

Required skills
Arduino UX designer TestComplete Business analytic Swift Objective-C jQuery Laravel Test data preparation Magento Visual Basic.Net WPF F# Django PL/SQL Azure C++ pure PHP Angular 7 Testing Hibernate ASP.NET Core Web GIT Symfony C# J2EE AngularJS Golang Linux administration AWS ESC Network administration Python - pure Spring SQL Java JavaScript Database Infrastructure MySQL Python Microsoft Azure Ansible Docker PostgreSQL ReactJS PHP .NET HTML Vue.js CSS .NET Framework .NET Core Automation testing Angular 5+ Oracle Analytic iOS Mobile development Kotlin Nette JSP Platforms Selenium ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework nHibernate Angular 9 TypeScript Infrastructure architecture IoT User Interface
Offered skills
Kubernetes SAP MobX Other frameworks Ruby on Rails Scala NLP Magento Photoshop Woocommerce DevOps DeckGL Golang GraphQL Test data preparation Ansible System analytic Patterns JIRA Prestashop Nette Oracle APEX Azure Infrastructure automation Matlab Neo4j Server Administrator WebAPI Linux administration IoT Arduino Test Driven Development Firebase UX designer Bootstrap Selenium Regression testing iOS Native Business analytic ElasticSearch Kotlin Python - pure Struts Wordpress Java servlet Automation testing Oracle Analytic Penetration testing Spring Boot React Native Visual Basic.Net AWS ESC JSP ASP.NET MVC .NET Core Testing Platforms Hibernate .NET Framework C# C++ Android Mobile development jQuery SQLite Document database NoSQL Spring PHP Docker CSS HTML Infrastructure Database JavaScript SQL Web ReactJS MySQL Java MSSQL PostgreSQL PL/SQL pure PHP MongoDb AngularJS Node.js Vue.js Methodology .NET Redux TypeScript Symfony Laravel J2EE Entity Framework Scrum master ASP.NET Core nHibernate F# SDK Groovy Python GIT iOS Grails Yii2 Google Web Toolkit TestComplete Android Native Swift TestNG Java OpenJDK Performance testing Sanity testing Django Artificial inteligence User Interface Infrastructure architecture Network administration C Project manager Objective-C BASH Less Graph database Data analytic Data science Pascal UML Ionic Enterprise Service Bus Zend Framework 1 SEO Angular 5+ OpenShift Hooks Akka toolkit Alexa Chatbot Adobe XD Ilustrator Continuous delivery Microsoft Azure Latte Composer Oracle Administration Continuous integration Graphic designer MS SQL
About platform
  • Wish-Platform is portal with focused only at IT segment.
  • Helps IT companies to find contact to suitable business partner.
  • As well as helps IT freelancers to build their portfolio of customers.
  • No upfront payments, our reward is connected with value of the contract you get.Show pricing.
  • Getting IT freelancer or subsuplier is free of charge.
  • Is something missing? Contact us
How to
  • Eather fill in registration form or contact us directly at
  • We will contact you with additional questions or with login details to our portal.
  • After first login, confirm GDPR in order to activate your acount.
Register for free
So far the fastest registration was done in 5 minutes. In average the registration is done within 24 hours.
So far the quickiest connection tooked just 4 days from clicking on "Want to connect" until the developers have started working on the project. Want to try to beat this record?
Looking for capacity or projects
  • Every monday at 10AM CET our system sends an overview email with all available projects or specialists. If you are interested, just click on the area of your interest shows you more details. Or you can login to our portal where you see all the offers on-line.
  • If everything looks good, just by clicking on "Want contact" you will activate our sales. We will call on both sides to get more details that you need, as well get better understanding of your needs.
  • After passing all the details, you can confirm if the project or capacity looks suitable for you. If you are supplier who is looking for a project a contract is generated for your online signature. If you are looking for additional IT capacity, you don't need to sign anything again. As soon as supplier confirms the conditions, we will connect you directly to the supplier for further communication.
So far the quickiest connection tooked just 4 days from clicking on "Want to connect" until the developers have started working on the project. Want to try to beat this record?
Registering your wishes
  • After logging into the portal, at menu "My wishes" you can add as many wishes you wish.
  • In simple form, you can add all the important information in order to find suitable supplier or customer.
  • As soon as a project or supplier has been found, we are connecting you directly as has been described above.
The most of the requirements for connection we have every monday after the newsletters were sent. If you want to fulfill you wishes as soon as possible, we recommend to fill them in before monday 10AM CET.
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